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We all agree Scottsdale is a special place.  Scottsdale has always been a leader in tourism, retail. innovation and resident friendly development.  The examples of this are all around us: the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt, our world-renowned resorts and hotels, parks, libraries and senior centers, the spectacular McDowell Sonoran Preserve, our spring training facilities, the world class Fashion Square mall and the dynamic Airpark area and the equestrian focused Westworld facilities in North Scottsdale. 

Scottsdale residents have always embraced and supported our economic engines of growth and the revenues they generate.  These revenues allow us to have best in class amenities without skyrocketing property taxes and give us the high property values we enjoy.  These things did not happen by accident and they take hard work on the part of leaders to nurture. Today’s City Council doesn’t share our priorities. 

I am a lawyer, small business owner and a government finance expert.  I have previously served a term on the City of Scottsdale Board of Zoning Adjustment and was the Chairman of the Scottsdale Industrial Development Authority, where I was directly involved in helping Scottsdale businesses grow and prosper. My three children attend SUSD schools and I have been a resident of Scottsdale for over 11 years. 

To keep Scottsdale’s winning formula intact we must do the following: we must manage growth and development, we must protect our preserve and vital open spaces, we must protect Scottsdale’s unique character while planning for the future, and we must insist on fiscal responsibility to keep our taxes low.  It’s all about good leadership that listens to the needs of you, our residents. 

Leadership that Listens

Leadership that asks questions and listens to its residents. That’s the job of City Council. Respect of others, even when we disagree is important. Council is elected to represent the residents. Not only listening to, but actively seeking out community input has served Scottsdale for decades and I pledge that resident input will shape the decisions I make on your City Council. To make sure we place a priority on resident-driven decision making I support:

  • The formation of neighborhood councils to help inform members of Council 

  • Respecting, Listening, and voting on behalf of residents, not special interests

  • Making myself accessible to all residents, not just the privileged or well connected

  • Treating everyone with respect and dignity, even those who may have differing opinions


Supporting a Winning Formula for the Future of Scottsdale

Scottsdale’s success is the result of common-sense priorities.  These priorities are the foundation of Scottsdale’s reputation as a tourist, retail and business powerhouse.  My plan for Scottsdale is built on the following:

  • Managing development and insisting on only best-in-class, high-quality projects

  • Making sure development pays for itself without tax giveaways and gifts of public funds

  • Protecting our Preserve and desert open spaces 

  • Enhancing and improving Westworld and other convention and event spaces

  • Working with retailers to make sure we remain a shopping destination

  • Promoting business relocation to Scottsdale in the medical, high tech, and education sectors

  • Reducing property and sales taxes

  • Spending tax dollars conservatively and minimizing new debt to keep tax rates low

  • Approving budgets that are in line with these long-term goals

  • Prioritizing Police and Fire budgets for a safer Scottsdale

Quality of Life

Scottsdale’s strengths are its western heritage, our unspoiled desert vistas, our world-class resorts and top-notch retail and dining.  These strengths not only attract tourists and residents alike, but also give us high property values and low taxes.  These things pay for the great amenities we have come to enjoy and expect.  Growth should be consistent with these goals and must always enhance the quality of life for residents and promote the tourism, retail and businesses engines that power our economy. These realities will drive my policy decisions:


  • Working with Scottsdale tourism and retail leaders to keep Scottsdale relevant

  • Insisting on high-quality city services for residents and businesses

  • Protecting our Preserve

  • Making sure we protect the livability of Scottsdale

  • Working with regional partners to attract high-quality development

  • Promoting appropriate redevelopment of South Scottsdale

  • Making sure our Police and Fire have the resources they need to protect our families and businesses

  • Addressing the problem of short-term vacation rentals in our neighborhoods